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DiaperPin believes in sticking to the basics (and being environmentally friendly) when cleaning laundry and home. Below are some books we recommend:

Baking Soda : Over 500 Fabulous, Fun and Frugal Uses You'Ve Probably Never Thought of
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Vim & Vinegar
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The Complete Book of Breastfeeding
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  Dear Dreft,

Many cloth diaperers believe that you shouldn't use dreft to wash cloth diapers. They think the dreft is a soap product and will have a waxy buildup which ruins the absorbancy of diapers. I want to know if this is in fact true. Is your product a soap or detergent.

Either way is it effective to use on cloth diapers?

Thank you,

Hi Jennifer,

Dreft is a detergent.  I want to assure you that this product is safe to use on diapers and baby clothes.  I'm attaching a bulletin below my message.  I hope you find it helpful. Thanks for visiting our site.  Stop back again soon.

Barb USA Dreft Team


Most baby items sold today are made of durable, easy-care fabrics and can be machine washed.  Some items, such as flame retardant children's sleepwear, have special washing recommendations from the manufacturer.  To preserve the special finishes on these items, always check each garment's care instructions. Which Product Should I Use?

We have extensively evaluated all Procter & Gamble laundry detergents and they may be safely used for baby's laundry.  However, we developed Dreft specifically for use in baby's laundry.  It has been specially formulated to address the unique laundry needs of babies, and the ingredients have been extensively evaluated for mildness to skin.

Dreft is a concentrated detergent that provides outstanding cleaning you can trust for fabrics that touch baby's skin.  It helps remove tough baby stains. Dreft is the brand of laundry detergent most recommended by those pediatricians with a preference.  Dreft's cleaning agents are designed to rinse out thoroughly, leaving clothes virtually free of residue and comfortable against baby's skin.

Powder Dreft is a white powder with a fresh baby powder scent.  It is available in a 37 ounce size.

Liquid Dreft is a clear, undyed, natural colored product with a fresh baby powder scent.  It's very convenient for treating baby's laundry stains and is available in a 50 ounce size

How Long Should I Use Dreft For My Baby's Laundry? We suggest you continue using Dreft during your baby's first year as baby's skin can remain sensitive during this time.  Many parents choose to use Dreft until baby is out of diapers. Dreft is recommended by Carter's, America's leading manufacturer of baby and children's clothing.

Is Dreft Biodegradable?

All Procter & Gamble laundry cleaning agents are biodegradable and are safe for septic tanks.

Laundry Detergents And Flame Retardant Clothing

To our knowledge most flame retardant children's sleepwear is made of 100% polyester.  Any Procter & Gamble laundry detergent can be safely used to wash these garments.  However, no fabric conditioners, such as Bounce(r) or Downy(r), should be used on polyester sleepwear as the fabric conditioning ingredients can mask the flame retardancy.

Some cotton garments may look like sleepwear but they are unlikely to be flame retardant.  Be sure to check the care tag on any clothing you intend to use as children's sleepwear to be certain it is flame retardant.  Always follow the laundering instructions on the manufacturer's care tag.

From a safety standpoint, what's most important is that children be kept away from matches and other sources of flames.

Additional Stain Removal Tips For Baby Laundry**

Breast Milk - Pretreat or soak for 30 minutes with an enzyme-containing laundry product, such as Dreft, or Biz(r) non-chlorine bleach, and launder as usual. Because of the fat content in breast milk, pretreating with a liquid laundry detergent or a spray-type pretreating product may be necessary.

Diapers - Diapers will always require some special care:

* Rinse diapers with cold water immediately after use.

* Measure (scoop or cap) Dreft and 1/4 cup Biz per gallon of hot water, then presoak for 30 minutes before laundering.

* Drain the soak solution, wring out excess water or place in spin cycle of machine.

* Fill washer with hot water and 1-1/2 measures of Dreft.  Launder as usual.

Medication From the Umbilical Cord Stump - This is usually a medication called Gentian Violet and is very difficult (often impossible) to remove.  A color remover may help.  Color removers can generally be purchased where fabric dyes are sold.  Follow the instructions on the container.

Mildew Stains - This stain can be difficult, sometimes impossible, to remove. Soak overnight in a solution of non-chlorine bleach, such as Biz, and warm water.  Drain this solution and soak an additional 24 hours in a fresh solution. Drain again and launder in Tide(r) with Bleach.  If safe for the fabric, you may use chlorine bleach in the soaking solution according to label instructions.

**  As with any household product, please keep soaking solutions out of the reach of children.

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