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sustainablebabyish|sloom, inc. 

Sustainablebabyish/Sloomb, Inc. offers a beautiful line of wool cloth diaper covers, and cloth diapers in organic and sustainable blends. Sustainablebabyish is a natural cloth diapering system that is ultra absorbent, available in great colors, and comfortable for little ones on the go. do one thing today - sustainablebabyish(tm)

URL: http://www.sloomb.com

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Last Updated: 7/29/2013 Date Added: 7/29/2013

I have personally used sloomb products and they seemed to do the job, but after awhile the diapers stated to fall apart and the wool covers were soaking through at every use. After multiple attempts to get through to them via email I finally heard back. All they did was blame me for the products quality flaws and made me feel like I was an inch tall. I have later since discovered much higher quality products on the market thanks to my awesome and most favorite cloth diaper store. I won't buy anything else made in china from sloomb. They don't seem to have a good grip on quality control in their overseas manufacturing facilities. And with how much they charge it makes me wonder if they are just inflating their prices just to make themselves rich off people that are trying to save money. Buyer beware.


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