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sustainablebabyish|sloom, inc. 

Sustainablebabyish/Sloomb, Inc. offers a beautiful line of wool cloth diaper covers, and cloth diapers in organic and sustainable blends. Sustainablebabyish is a natural cloth diapering system that is ultra absorbent, available in great colors, and comfortable for little ones on the go. do one thing today - sustainablebabyish(tm)

URL: http://www.sloomb.com

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Last Updated: 7/29/2013 Date Added: 7/29/2013

I have personally used sloomb products and they seemed to do the job, but after awhile the diapers stated to fall apart and the wool covers were soaking through at every use. After multiple attempts to get through to them via email I finally heard back. All they did was blame me for the products quality flaws and made me feel like I was an inch tall. I have later since discovered much higher quality products on the market thanks to my awesome and most favorite cloth diaper store. I won't buy anything else made in china from sloomb. They don't seem to have a good grip on quality control in their overseas manufacturing facilities. And with how much they charge it makes me wonder if they are just inflating their prices just to make themselves rich off people that are trying to save money. Buyer beware.

Rating: 5
Last Updated: 9/27/2012 Date Added: 9/27/2012

My wife and I are about to have our second child and we couldn't be happier with or more thankful to the people at Sloomb. We've known them for a couple of years now and they're friendly, honest, generous to a fault, and... despite the downright confusing, negative and repetitive gibberish in the some of the recent ""reviews""... they've always been quick to respond to every question or issue we've ever had. Their customer service and communication about everything has been knowledgeable and impeccable. Their products have been a money-saving and educational godsend for us. We're so glad we found them.

Frankly, I'm stunned by the depth of the negative BS from these alleged customers over the past couple of days. Their complaints are similarly-worded, overly descriptive about the same issue, unnecessarily petty and degrading... and all came over the course of just two days?! Sounds like somebody got their diapers in a knot and just had to enlist their friends for an online smear campaign. Well, for what it's worth... shame on you all... .

There's an old adage that says for every person that complains, there are dozens who don't, because they have no need to. Unfortunately, the silence of that satisfied majority allows the petty, baseless claims of the bickering axe-grinders to seem more important than they really are. We have nothing but good things to say about Sloomb and are proud to post our comments here. We wish more companies were as dependable and trustworthy. But don't just take our word for it. Give Sloomb a try. You won't find a better company to deal with.

Rating: 1
Last Updated: 9/26/2012 Date Added: 9/26/2012

I'm so disappointed to be posting such a negative review of this company. I've been using their products for over a year and when I first started purchasing, I was very impressed by the quality of the items.

Unfortunately, I've never been impressed by their customer service. It can be very hard to get a response when you email a representative from the company. There have been times I've had immediate responses, but more often I have to resend an email when I have no response after a week or more. I understand some customers blame this on spam filters, but I've never ever had a problem like this with any other company.

Still, knowing this, I chose to remain a customer because I felt their products were unparalleled. I accepted that they were difficult to reach and that their pre-order delivery dates were usually 6-8 weeks behind what was promised, but the product was so nice that I opted to keep buying.

In recent months there have been so, so many quality control issues with so much that I've purchased (including brand new items falling apart at the seams after only a few wears, legs being different lengths, inconsistent sizing from one season to the next, wool quality that varies widely, and on and on and on) and what with their warranty only covering items that were purchased directly from them or a retailer (as opposed to items purchased from resale boards like DiaperSwappers, BabyCenter, and Facebook groups, even if the item was brand new), there is absolutely no way I will ever purchase from this company again. What a shame.

Rating: 4
Last Updated: 9/26/2012 Date Added: 9/26/2012

These products are superior ~ we LOVE them!!! The seasonal choices of colors that is offered is wonderful. The customer service has been exceptional. My phone calls and emails have been answered promptly. I find the online tutorials very helpful and informative. Seeing a Dad explaining and demonstrating cloth diapering is an encouragement to my husband! It is obvious that the staff knows their products. The rare time that I have had a problem the company has gone out of their way to make sure I am 100% satisfied with the solution and has also included some unexpected gifts. Our family ~ as well as the grandparents, aunts and uncles, LOVE these products. I highly recommend

Rating: 2
Last Updated: 9/26/2012 Date Added: 9/26/2012

Response time: My first email was responded to within a couple days. All emails subsequent: no response. All were about orders I placed which they already had my money for...Unacceptable when it costs $70 for a pair of baby pants.
Delivery time: I have had a horrible experience with both preorder and instock ordering. My instock order took over 3 weeks to get to my doorstep. (that was what the first 2 emails I sent were about) 3 weeks? For ""instock""? AND no response to email? Wow..
As for preorders. Don't bother. Especially if you are ordering in hopes that you receive your order to be worn for an event: like a wedding or family photos. I ordered 2 pieces of wool on MOTHERS DAY and it's September 26 and I still do not have them. ""estimated ship date"" was 8/20. Yeah right. If you do preorder, expect for your items to arrive a month or two after their ""estimated ship date"". And don't bother emailing to find out where it is because you won't get a response.
Knowledge: Very knowledgeable about their product I will say that. Tutorials on their website are informative and helpful.
Return policy: I've never had to return anything. Judging by my email and ordering experience I am very thankful I haven't. The one piece I did receive that was damaged I had repaired by a friend with the thread provided just so I didn't have to even deal with the fiasco of trying to get an email response...or get my wool back again! That's sad.
Overall Customer Service: My experience has not been a good. You know, I'm not made of money and sloomb's products are one of the most expensive in the cloth diaper world. If I am going to pay top dollar for an item I expect everything that goes along with being a customer..which I get with other companies I take my business to. I expect excellent customer service. I expect receiving items in a timely manner. I expect appreciation..because I can go elsewhere. I feel sloomb does not appreciate their customers. Or th
Rating: 3
Last Updated: 9/26/2012 Date Added: 9/26/2012

Response Time: Emails to the company can take very long to be answered. Refunds due to cancellations can take weeks.

Delivery time: Pr-ordered wool is usually significantly late (by months). Instock items can take up to a week to ship, but lately shipping time has gotten quicker.

Knowledge: Seem knowledgeable about their wool, and fitteds.

Return policy: If you need to use their return policy it will probably take several emails to get a response. Purchases made at retailers are only backed for 30 days.

Overall customer service: I like the products Sloomb sells, but I am disappointed with their customer service. Emails take forever to get a response, and often have to be sent multiple times. They seem to be lacking in quality control because items come missing, incorrect, or have flaws. Any issues posted on Facebook will be quickly deleted. Customers would not post issues on Facebook if emails were actually answered, and resolved. Posting anything they do not like puts you at risk being banned from all of their FB pages. They will ban you even if they hear that you are talking about them in a way they do not like in other private groups. They do not maintain a good business/customer relationship. They take issues too personally. CS related issues are a part of any business, and should never be taken personally.

Rating: 2
Last Updated: 9/25/2012 Date Added: 9/25/2012

I feel like I am being generous with a 2 out of 5 rating, to be honest, but once upon a time I did have good experiences with this company, so I gave them an extra point. My main problems with this company are: you have to send an email multiple times to get a reply (I have had to send an average of 3 emails before getting a reply), the wool products are almost always 1-2 months behind schedule and getting an update as to the status of your missing order is like pulling teeth, items are frequently missing from your order when it does arrive, or the wrong items were sent, and depending on who you talk to (the owner Erin is usually generous and accommodating, often throwing in freebies to try to make up for the nightmare that has been your order so far) the customer service stinks. Also, I stopped ordering from this company about 6 months ago when the machine knit wool from China began to consistently fall apart. I had to return an entire preorder of 3 knit items because they were all so poorly made, they were starting to fall apart before they were ever worn. The warranty on these items depends on whether you order direct from Sloomb or from a retailer (only a 30 day warranty from retailers). I feel like you should stand by your product regardless of whether it is purchased new from a retailer or direct, but maybe I'm petty and unreasonable <3

Rating: 4
Last Updated: 9/25/2012 Date Added: 9/25/2012

There is a small (and I do mean small) faction of very petty people who have decided that their contribution to the internet would be to make personal attacks against a business owner they don't like, for reasons that are really ridiculous. I'm not affiliated with the business or this group of petty ppl. So here's my fair review by point:

Response time - I've never had any issues getting a response from customer service employees or the owner. They have even helped me with other retail issues. Occasionally my spam filter eats the emails between us, but it all works out in the end.

Delivery time - when something is instock, I've always gotten the order in a reasonable amount of time. Knowing this is basically a WAHM who ships it all herself, and deals in a LARGE quantity of product, I'm completely satisfied ordering directly and know/understand the expected wait time. Yes, I would get the items faster from another retailer's instocks, but often you cannot get exclusive sizes, etc from other retailers. That is a case-by-case call.

Knowledge - They know their product and they know it well. This is what they do.

Return policy - I've only had to make 2 in my entire shopping experience, and based on my OWN request, it did take longer than I would have liked. however, the owner threw in freebies and extras for the trouble. Patience can be a virtue.

Overall customer service - again, my expectations are set that this is a small shop, with THOUSANDS of orders to deal with. My order is in no way more important than your order, and things are dealt with as they are rec'd. Based on this, I've been completely satisfied with my experiences.

Also, this has been the ONLY product that has contained overnight pee worth a darn. If you want a product that is cheap and fast and are used to 'cheap overseas' items- This is not the place for you. If you want a quality product that will LAST a long time and do whty
Rating: 1
Last Updated: 9/24/2012 Date Added: 9/24/2012

This company has only gone downhill. I will keep my review to the bulleted points.
Response Time: inconsistent would be a generous term. The customer service team responds infrequently to emails, and generally not to the emails regarding late shipments, faulty products, customer service or quality control inquiries and the like. I have had to resend emails several times to get any sort of response from them. The hey@sloomb.com email is a joke. That would be the worst way to get a response since the person working on the other side of that basically does not reply. If you can find the business number still, call before emailing for best (or any) results
Delivery Time: Preorders are months later than the estimated date. Yes, it is an estimate, but set reasonable goals that aren't blatant lies or unachievable goals for your business
Knowledge: eh... they know about wool and about cleaning diapers. Great. I'd just like my product that I paid for, thanks.
Return Policy: Ever changing. The most recent changes include less warranty for people who buy from retail locations versus buying from sloomb directly. Supporting retailers should be a goal of any manufacturer, not blocking them from potential sales with chronic lateness and unwillingness to stand behind your product.
Overall customer service: Terrible. The owner and her two helpers are pretty much not to be bothered with serving customers or every acknowledging mistakes or apologizing for their shortcomings.

In conclusion, shop elsewhere.


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