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Previously named Kelly's Closet

At Kelly’s Closet we strive to bring you the best selection in cloth diapers with over 30 of the most popular brands of diapers including bumGenius, FuzziBunz, Rumparooz, Happy Heiny’s, GroVia, Swaddlebees and Blueberry, Thirsties, Econobum, Flip, Applecheeks, BabyKicks, Knicernappies, itti bitti, SoftBums, Bummis, and Tots Bots. In addition to cloth diapers we also offer a wide variety of cloth diapering accessories, reusable training pants, menstrual care, natural laundry, and eco-friendly skin care products. Always free shipping on orders over $49. Earn free diapers with our Diaper Dollar Rewards program. 30 day money back guarantee with our Wee Guarantee program. Great sales and promotions every day! Fast shipping! Reliable customer service from experts in the cloth diapering industry. Proud supporters of the Real Diaper Association and Giving Diapers, Giving Hope.

URL: http://www.kellyscloset.com

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Rating: 5
Last Updated: 12/24/2013 Date Added: 12/24/2013

Ever since I found out about Kelly's Closet, a small, family-run business in southern Maine, I stopped shopping anywhere else. Prior to finding them, I would troll the internet looking for the absolutely best bottom-dollar deal. Now I go to Kelly's Closet for all my diapering needs. Not only do they have top-notch products and great prices, they have wonderful customer service (usually very prompt and always polite), and their coupons and rewards system can't be beat. I've ordered from them 15 times and have always gotten a free diaper (or something else!) with my order. They also have a wealth of information on cloth diapering that I've not found anywhere else. They have a 30-day guarantee on the most popular diaper brands, they are responsive to customer feedback, and really just bend over backwards to try to help their customers. They have certainly won my loyalty and I can't wait to buy the next round of diapering needs from them: Training pants!

Rating: 5
Last Updated: 12/24/2013 Date Added: 12/24/2013

99% of my diapers came from Kelly's Closet. I have recieved at least 7 free diapers that I can think of! You can't get that much bang for your buck anywhere else! Not only that, their customer service is OUTSTANDING! I recently put a order in and used my diaper rewards that I had accumulated. I didn't thing I was eligible for the free diaper code since I used my rewards. Later on when I was on their Facebook chat group I realized I could. So I sent them a customer service message and the next morning I had a email saying they added the free diaper to that order!!! I don't know anywhere else that would have done that. I recommend KC to everyone!!! I try not to buy from anywhere else!

Rating: 5
Last Updated: 12/3/2013 Date Added: 12/3/2013

I am very impressed with Kelly's Closet. I have ordered multiple times, and each time I have received a free diaper. It helped me build my stash very quickly. They have an excellent assortment of diapers, and I was able to buy quite a few different ones to help me decide which I liked most. I also earned enough points to receive two more free diapers, which brought my total to 7 free diapers. They were very kind and bundled all of my orders in to one shipment when I ordered multiple times to take advantage of their coupon. I even ordered over a holiday weekend and received everything super fast. I highly recommend and would use them again in a second!

Rating: 1
Last Updated: 11/8/2013 Date Added: 11/8/2013

I ordered 2 RAR diapers from Kelley's Closet and 1 of the diapers I received looked used or as if it had been handled for demonstration for a while; it even had a tiny snag. No big deal, I thought... I will just contact Kelley's closet and they can send me a shipping label so I can ship it back and exchange it for a new one right? WRONG! I emailed them, sent them pictures. Repeatedly had to explain how I was familiar with this brand and it was definitely not new. After about over a dozen emails they still kept giving me the run around and told me they were waiting for Rumparooz to respond... What?! Why couldn't they just take back their used diaper and send me a replacement? Why give me the run around and blame the manufacturer? Needless to say, I contacted the manufacture directly and they are replacing the diaper BUT I have to pay for shipping and gas and my time to send back a stupid $25+ diaper that was sent to me worn or used. I am never buying from Kelley's Closet again.

Rating: 5
Last Updated: 11/6/2013 Date Added: 11/6/2013

Excellent customer service and product support! They have tons of information on using cloth diapers and an excellent online support team that is willing to answer questions quickly and efficiently. I also love their diaper dollars and free diaper promos.

Rating: 5
Last Updated: 11/6/2013 Date Added: 11/6/2013

I've used 3 different online diaper retailers and Kelly's Closet is by far my favorite. I love the free diaper coupon codes, the ""Diaper Dollars"" to earn free gift certificates and free shipping over $49. Just the free diapers and diaper dollars alone are reason to remain a loyal customer.

Their customer service has always been amazing via phone, their website and in their Facebook group ""Cloth Diaper Support Group"". If something is out of stock they are always quick to comment back and let me know when they expect their next shipment, I've called to add items to my order that have stocked immediately after my order and they added the items without a problem.

Rating: 5
Last Updated: 11/6/2013 Date Added: 11/6/2013

Great customer service very happy with my purchase highly recommend them they always have great promo codes as well :)

Rating: 1
Last Updated: 7/22/2013 Date Added: 7/22/2013

The first time I ordered form Kelly's Closet, I waited over a week with no shipping notification. Finally, after calling, I was told that the item was out of stock. Why they didn't bother to contact me, I don't know. I was not offered an apology nor explanation. The woman I spoke to was rude and only offered me a refund. Several months later, I am attempting to make another order with Kelly's Closet. For some reason their shipping calculator is charging me more than 3 times actual shipping cost. Since packages under 3 ounces ship First Class mail for $1.69 with tracking, I am not paying $6 for shipping. I called to have these charges lowered to something closer to actual shipping and was hung up on. I called again. I was told they would not lower the shipping and was hung up on for a second time. I cannot believe that a business with such TERRIBLE customer service is still in business! Buy your diapers elsewhere!

Rating: 5
Last Updated: 6/3/2013 Date Added: 6/3/2013

I have ordered from Kelly's Closet numerous times in the last 2+ years, and never have I had any issues. They always have fast shipping (unless it's a holiday week promo in which they TELL you it will be a little slower so you know before you order), fantastic coupon codes (which has allowed me to try many new things!), and super helpful staff both over the phone, via email, and through their FB page. I've always had answers given super fast to any questions I had, and they helped me solve my diaper laundry issues when I first started out through many conversations back and forth. They dedicate a lot of their time to excellent customer service!

Rating: 5
Last Updated: 10/12/2012 Date Added: 10/12/2012

I was really surprised to see a couple negative reviews about kellys closet....I have had nothing but great experiences with them! Great customer service, great selection, comparable pricing, fast shipping....and to top it off awesome promotions like free diapers and coupons! Gotta love it! :) It's the only place I will shop for cloth diapers and I recommend them to everyone I know that cloth diapers or is thinking about cloth diapering :) love them!

Rating: 5
Last Updated: 9/25/2012 Date Added: 9/25/2012

I have been purchasing from Kelly's Closet since December 2010, and have always received fast shipping and excellent customer service. My most recent order was shipped that same day!

Any inquiries I have submitted on their website have been answered promptly, and any issues I've had have been resolved to my satisfaction. I once mistakenly ordered the wrong item; I submitted a customer service request, it was corrected almost immediately, and I ended up with the diaper I actually wanted (rather than the one I had accidentally ordered). It was my mistake, and they fixed it for me! That is going above and beyond, and is what keeps me coming back!

The diapershops.com and Kelly's Closet facebook pages are excellent sources of interactive information -- both are great places to go for any questions/advice/etc.

Rating: 5
Last Updated: 9/24/2012 Date Added: 9/24/2012

There are a lot of cloth diaper retail options out there. There are some that are less expensive than Kelly's Closet, some that have no minimum free shipping or other incentives. However, I've been watching and using Kelly's Closet for a bit now and they really make a personalized approach to their service and do a great job to make cloth diaper and accessory purchasing a full-service operation. Their customer service team has been great in meeting my requests when possible. (though, one must understand that requesting specific diapers in a ""Free"" diaper promotion isn't possible as they are working with diapers they have available for said promotion. Otherwise it would be a ""choose a free diaper"" promotion, which they cannot due as they are bound to a good number of retailer restrictions. (Yes, I did even look this up after one of my 'free' diapers was one that I REALLY did not want)

The social media team has been outstanding as well. They have routinely gone above and beyond in not only providing assistance but also making me feel like a valued customer. One of the social media managers even remembered that I love black diapers and proactively let me know of a new one that came out. When I had an issue with my wash routine that I posted about (not even asking for assistance, mind you) I was offered a phone call to help work through the situation. These are little services and gestures that wouldn't come from other online retailers that I have purchased from.

When I first started purchasing from Kelly's Closet, I did have slow ship times. However, the delay wasn't in the processing of the order, but rather USPS delivering from Maine. I don't know if USPS heard the complaints but the order that I recently placed that I didn't expect for a week is arriving MUCH sooner than anticipated.

All in all, I find the team at Kelly's Closet to be great to work with and work hard to not only meet my cloth diapering needs, but also to ty
Brandy Lynn-O
Rating: 2
Last Updated: 9/24/2012 Date Added: 9/24/2012

I give them a two because I like the promo codes and I have benefited from a few free diapers, BUT they do not get any higher because of poor customer service! Not only have I had trouble but I have seen poor customer service on Facebook to others. Not cool! And they are always out of stock! So, after I spend my reward points, I am finished with them and will not be recommending them to anyone else.

Rating: 3
Last Updated: 8/22/2012 Date Added: 8/22/2012

I have ordered twice from Kelly's closet and I haven't been real thrilled so I will probably not order from them again. The first time, the order was the slowest it's ever been and I've ordered from a TON of diaper shops online. Plus, it was a promo and asked you to write in your color substitutions if they didn't have your specified colors available and I said upfront that I only wanted the colors I selected and to contact me if that wasn't possible. Although, it looked like all my colors were in online. I was called and we resolved it by me getting a duplicate color of my choice. I was so specific because I had heard horror stories of people getting discontinued colors, none of the colors they selected, etc so I wanted to avoid that. So basically, this order was okay but took FOREVER to come. The second order I placed I just got today. They had a promo for a free diaper with purchase with guaranteed value of $17 +. I ordered the required amount but specified in the notes that I didn't want a fuzzibunz elite because they don't fit my kids good and I really hate them or a bumgenius because they fit my kids bad in the waist. I said anything else, I'd be happy with. For my free diaper I received a bumgenius. Handwritten was, ""sorry but we have pre selected free diapers in inventory"". So basically, too bad for me. While I'm not outraged or anything (because I can make bumgeniuses work on my kids, I'm really not thrilled. There is something to be said for the small WAHM out there that have excellent customer service and want to make you happy and succeed in cloth diapering. I usually am very specific about free items and I usually will say what I DON'T want and it has been honored from every other online diaper shop except Kelly's Closet. They must have gotten too big and they are too busy and don't really have the time to devote to quality customer service. I will probably support the little WAHM stores from now on. aor:

Rating: 5
Last Updated: 8/20/2012 Date Added: 8/20/2012

I am so in love with this online store!! They have the biggest selection of things I want or need. I haven't found too many better prices and if I do they are usually within a dollar price difference; however the free shipping over $49 and always having a special free diaper or item makes the dollar difference nothing. They are so fast on processing orders my last 4 orders have been processed in 3 days and then shipped to my door 3-4 days later. We have twins on the way and 3 kids at home so filling our stash, (weve never CD'ed before) is something that this store is making easy, as money is available I know where I will be shopping! The product always comes packaged great and exactly what I ordered minus 1 color substitution that was acceptable. I haven't had to do any returns or customer services calls but as for shopping this is a great site.

Rating: 5
Last Updated: 8/17/2012 Date Added: 8/17/2012

I am new to cloth diapering (about a month now) and totally addicted! I started using them on my very wiggly 5 month old son. I am so happy that I stumbled upon Kelly's Closet! Their prices are similar as other stores, but what I LOVE is that they always have great coupon code offers. I have order thru this website (and nowhere else) 2 times and both times I was able to get a free diaper, of their choice. Both times it was a diaper that I probably would not have ordered on my own (I LOVE the BG Freetime diapers) but now I really like the 2 that I was sent. So it is nice to try a diaper out for free =) Also, the free shipping of 49 is awesome, it says 7-10 days, but I live in California and have gotten both of my orders within 3 or 4 days. AWESOME!

Rating: 5
Last Updated: 8/17/2012 Date Added: 8/17/2012

My son is allergic to disposable diapers so a friend told me about cloth and how easy it is. Then she told me about Kellyscloset.com. I have to admit I wasn't looking foward to cloth diapering but Kellyscloset made it so easy! They have so much information and a facebook page that allowes me to ask question and the most amazing part is that they actually answer your questions usually that day! Their customer service goes above and beyond what I ever expected. They ship things you've ordered with in a few days which is nice because I usually recieve everything in one package and within 2 weeks! Thank you so much for all of your hard work and advice!

Rating: 5
Last Updated: 8/1/2012 Date Added: 8/1/2012

I placed my first order at Kelly's this past weekend. I chose to order there for the free one size diaper, and because the other items were in stock amd the same price or cheaper than the competition. Late Sunday night, I realized a mistake in my address and sent an email. Due to the reviews I'd read here, I planned to call at 9am Monday. However, I got an email from them at about 7am Monday fixing the issue! The order was sent out Monday, and arrived Wednesday. Great experience!

Rating: 1
Last Updated: 7/24/2012 Date Added: 7/24/2012

I used to very much like this store. I am beginning to branch out though and have had great success at local stores and other online retailers. The main issues that caused me to give such a poor rating include the following:

1) A return took one week from the time they RECEIVED it, not to mention the five days before that in creating an RMA and getting a code, mailing it in, etc. They received it Friday but already did their returns for the week and did not process my return until the next Friday. I also had to return my free diaper even though all I wanted in my return was an exchange for a different size. Exchange was not an option.

2) My last few packages have been EXTREMELY slow. Ten days with one, 9 days with another, and the third was mailed to the wrong address and took three weeks before I received it.

Response from the Seller: Response Date: 7/24/2012
We are sorry to hear this. As a large retailer we have several returns come in each week and this is the most efficient process that we have found to process them. Our shipping times are usually very quick. Our staff does not work weekends or holidays so shipping times may be longer depending on when an order is placed. We are always looking for advice and suggestions so we do value your feedback.

Rating: 5
Last Updated: 7/23/2012 Date Added: 7/23/2012

I recently made my first Kelly's Closet purchase. I actually made two purchases, in order to take advantage of the promo code for a free AIO one size diaper with a $69 purchase. I placed these orders yesterday afternoon (Sunday). By this morning, I had received 2 separate emails stating that my order had been shipped. I was super excited! Then I looked at the destination information... one of the packages was to be shipped to my billing address while the other was going to the intended shipping address...to make things even stranger, they both had the same tracking number. I immediately became concerned that the shipments would not make it to the right place. I had paid extra for the UPS shipping, as I wanted to be sure it came before I left for a few days. I sent a contact request. I then placed a call. When they answered the phone, they actually already knew who I was (caller ID) and had already made the appropriate changes to the UPS label so that it could be shipped correctly. The woman I spoke with was super friendly and definitely helpful!

Rating: 1
Last Updated: 7/12/2012 Date Added: 7/12/2012

I think Kelly's Closet customer service has poor problem solving and limited willingness to help. I have only used Kelly's closet for 2 orders. The first order came reasonably fast for free delivery although an order I placed the day after at Jillian's Drawers also had free shipping and came before my Kelly's Closet order. The second time I ordered, I didn't realize there was a separate place to input the buy 2 get 1 offer, so I didn't get the sale price. I called the next day and, while polite, the person I talked to was unable to help unless I waited for my order to be delivered and then returned them (at my cost) for store credit and purchased them the ""correct"" way. So I didn't want to wait 3 weeks before getting the diapers I wanted. I asked if I could have a free diaper mailed to me since I paid full price for 3 diapers. No go on that either. They had to be entered into the system a certain way. She was willing to see if the shipment went out and if it hadn't she would cancel, issue a store credit but I would have to redo my entire order and wait another day before my purchases even shipped. Why can't she help me correct my order to enter the free diaper and mail it out without physically having the inventory in hand? I will order elsewhere from now on.

Response from the Seller: Response Date: 7/24/2012
We attempted to resolve this issue with the customer personally and were unable to find a solution that would make them happy. We are bound by many manufacturer stipulations with our promotions which is why it can sometimes seem like we're trying to be difficult (we're not, I promise). We do value each and every customer and we're sorry that we could not make you happy.
Rating: 5
Last Updated: 7/7/2012 Date Added: 7/7/2012

I've placed several orders with Kellyscloset over the last 18 months. Their product selection is great...service is great...shipping times are super quick! They also offer great promotions! All of my ordering of cloth diapering items is from Kellyscloset and I will continue to recommend them to my friends!

Rating: 5
Last Updated: 7/5/2012 Date Added: 7/5/2012

I've ordered from Kelly's Closet a couple of times now and always had a great experience. Orders arrive within about a week of placing them and they always have coupons/deals going on. Haven't needed to contact customer service for anything.

Rating: 5
Last Updated: 7/3/2012 Date Added: 7/3/2012

I am so surprised by the negative reviews on here! I have ordered from Kelly's Closet at least 4 times, and it is my FAVORITE! Their shipping times are in the middle, around 4 days. I have had other sellers take 3 days or over a week.. so I consider Kelly's shipping great. You get an email with tracking info so you always know where your package is. They are very nice, and their facebook page is very helpful. I will also add they always seem to have some kind of great promotion, coupon codes, and a deal of the day. I have received a free one size diaper of some sort with every order I have placed with free shipping!! Yes, sometimes the things you want are out of stock, but I have yet to find an online diaper store that always has everything in stock. However, they work with you, and will notify you as soon as what you are wanting becomes available. They are happy to help you however they can, whether it is a silly question or help with a product or deciding on a product!

Rating: 5
Last Updated: 6/8/2012 Date Added: 6/8/2012

Kelly's Closet is my absolute go to store for everything cloth diaper related! They have an amazing customer support team through all channels (website, twitter, facebook). The staff is completely knowledgeable about all things cloth diapers! I love the variety of brands that Kelly's Closet carries and their willingness to look into new brands suggested by customers. All of my packages ship quickly and are carefully packaged. I have never had a problem with any order from them. I love the coupon codes. This is alone is reason enough to shop at Kelly's Closet. It is true that at times they can seem to be out of stock of items, but that is not always their fault. A lot of times things are on back order from the manufacturer. When they are out of stock of something it could also because their store is so awesome everyone is shopping there! Seriously, I love Kelly's Closet!

Rating: 4
Last Updated: 6/8/2012 Date Added: 6/8/2012

I have ordered from Kelly's Closet twice and had good experiences both times. I do agree shipping is a little slow, but I got my order within a week of placing it, so that's not too terrible. They are shipping from Maine after all, and the shipping was free since my order was over a certain amount. I like the selection and the promotions are great--I've received 2 free diapers to try out. These are diapers I normally wouldn't have purchased but am now glad to have in my stash. I have also used their facebook site for advice and questions. I like shopping at my local store but if they don't have what I want, I would use KC again.


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