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Kawaii One-Size Pocket Cloth Diaper

  Category:  Cloth Diapers : One Size Pockets

Rating:     3.92
Number of ratings:  13

Average Price:  $ 17.66

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Ratings Comments

Overall: 5
Price: $6

Condition: New

Purchased in 3/2013. Used this item for 13 months. Date Posted: 4/16/2014

I've been using Kawaii's New Improved Original Cross-over Squared Tab Snap diapers for over a year now and I love them. The snaps and elastic are still in great shape (I line dry the covers)as are the inserts. I've used them full-time for my son since he was five months old and at night time for my slightly older daughter. I've never ever had a poop leak thanks to the hip snap. I've tried Bum Genius and Happy Heinys and Kawaii is by far my favorite and the best price. These diapers are a great value.

Purchased at: Kawaii Baby Diapers


Overall: 5
Price: $6

Condition: New

Purchased in 5/2012. Used this item for 19 months. Date Posted: 1/11/2014

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these diapers. I also own some bum genius 4.0's and I like the equally. So for the money, these are the best! I first off had 24 of their original snap diapers, had a couple problems, but it was mostly my error that was causing the problem. The biggest one was smelly diapers. I did some research, found it's more common with microfiber, but switching to rockin green detergent fixed the problem quickly and we've been clean smelling for over a year now! While researching I also decided I wanted to try kawaii's suede cloth diapers because I read suede cloth doesn't tend to smell like microfiber ones. They only have the one kind, the heavy wetter Velcro ones. So I ordered a bundle of 12 and I fell in love! They are so soft, and the Velcro is amazing! Especially with a squirmy toddler. They are now my absolute favorite cloth diaper, and I won't buy any other kind. I highly recommend them to all my friends having babies. You can not beat these diapers unless you pay 3 times as much!

Purchased at: Luv your baby


Overall: 1
Price: $120

Condition: New

Purchased in 9/2013. Used this item for 0 months. Date Posted: 9/18/2013

At well past the danger of losing my baby at 19 weeks we started trying to prepare for our first daughter's arrival. While I, unfortunately, know no time during pregnancy is free from danger the chances of losing my daughter at that point were less than .5%. I was really interested in cloth diapering and ran across Kawaii brand. I purchased 20 diapers for $120 and received 1 free. I also received free shipping. I was ecstatic. I couldn't wait to receive them. Unfortunately before I received my order my daughter was stillborn at 20.2 weeks. We were devastated! She was our dream. I immediately contacted Kawaii and informed them of our circumstances. I was informed their return policy stated that we had to pay to ship the diapers back to them and (as punishment for returning them) also pay for our free shipping. While I understand that every company has to have a return policy, for their protection, exceptions can be made for extenuating circumstances. How heartless is it to punish a parent for losing a child??? I wasn't returning them because I didn't want them or like them, as a matter of fact I was looking forward to buying more. So as punishment I would loose (minimum) $45 for a $120 order, which I really couldn't afford. So now I'm forced to either keep these diapers and give MY baby's diapers as gifts to other babies (I'm sure that is going to be extremely hard) or sell them for what I can get out of them. I feel it is extremely heartless to force a grieving parent into this situation. From my experience I would not recommend Kawaii brand diapers based on their heartless business practices.

Cynthia Petersen
(Desperately Grieving Mother)

Purchased at: Theluvyourbabay.com


Overall: 4
Price: $6

Condition: New

Purchased in 5/2013. Used this item for 1 months. Date Posted: 5/23/2013

I really like this diaper. The Econobum is my favorite cheap diaper but the KaWaii definitely comes in second. I have used KaWaii for the last 2 weeks every night for bed for my little one with not a single leak! YEAH! I really like the goodnight heavy wetter KaWaii too : ) I compared each of these diapers on my blog Growing Little Ones follow this link if you want to read the full review http://www.growinglittleones.com/2013/05/cloth-diapering-on-budget-comparison-of.html

Purchased at: www.theluvyourbaby.com


Overall: 5
Price: $10

Condition: New

Purchased in 5/2012. Used this item for 1 months. Date Posted: 6/7/2012

Alvababy and Kawaii are not the same diaper. I wanted to get that out of the way. lol. While Alva baby is a good diaper, Kawaii is not a white label diaper. They are manufactured in china yes, but not the same as Alva. Kawaii's are microfleece or bamboo terry lined now-n-days. No suede cloth. If you want suede cloth you'll have to get some Alva's. The bamboo lined ones have to be washed when first purchased to prevent leaving due to the nature of bamboo/natural fabrics and the oils associated with them. So if you don't pre treat the bamboo dipes, be prepared for wicking and leakage. Bamboo minky mom label is my favorite. Although now they've added the front panel to the blue label according to rumor. Yes they aren't as expensive as bum-genius or charlie banana, but in quality? I'd compare them to fuzzi bunz

Purchased at: sweetbottomsbabyboutique


Overall: 3
Price: $

Condition: New

Purchased in 2/2012. Used this item for 3 months. Date Posted: 6/5/2012

First of all I have used ALL different brands of diapers. I was introduced by Kawaii diapers this past February. I feel in love with the cute prints and the goodnight diapers for my heavy wetter at nightime. I like these diapers a lot. I love the price but with that said, the diaper quality is inconsistant. Two of my diapers I ordered fell apart with under 10 washings. Customer service isn't great with Luvourbaby. I only got a partial refund for only 1 diaper (the insert they wouldn't refund). They refused to refund the other diaper because it was past 60 days. Even though I provided clear pictures of the defects! Even though they are cheap and work if you get a good one, can't afford to lose money for diapers that don't last more then a few months! Really bummed

Purchased at: luvourbaby


Overall: 4
Price: $10

Condition: New

Purchased in 2/2012. Used this item for 2 months. Date Posted: 4/7/2012

Love my Kawaii's! First cloth diapers I ever tried and I think they are wonderful. My favourites are the bamboo minky's and the goodnight heavy wetters. I get a great fit and they are great quality. Plus I receive 2 inserts per diaper!!

Purchased at: Luv Your Baby


Overall: 5
Price: $8

Condition: New

Purchased in 7/2011. Used this item for 6 months. Date Posted: 2/2/2012

I LOVE my Kawaii diapers!! All of them (bamboo minkys, snazzy minkys, heavy duty, pure and natural, every one)!! I have tried so many other brands of pocket diaper, and nothing else even comes close. They have held up very well for 6 months and are still going strong. I do not use them at night (I use fitteds), but use my Kawaiis for all my outings, babysitters etc. I can't say enough about how relieved I was to find Kawaii. Plus the diapers prints are so cute:)

Purchased at: Diaper Supply / theluvyourbaby.com

natural mum 88

Overall: 4
Price: $9

Condition: New

Purchased in 10/2011. Used this item for 1 months. Date Posted: 10/24/2011

I was using prefolds and the flip system before and my son is a major squirmer so I wanted to get some pockets. I decided on kawaii's because of the price and some of the great reviews!

At first I hated them! They leaked everywhere even after proper prepping. I did some research online about leaking covers and I found some tips. Do one wash in hot water and dry the covers on high heat to seal the PUL. It worked!!! Low setting from then on though. Also, I have a boy so I use 1 bamboo insert folded in half covering the front area and one regularly. Sooooo absorbant! No leaks and no red marks:)

I have sold all my prefolds and just ordered 12 more Kawaii's. The only reason I didn't give them 5 stars is because I haven't had them long enough to comment on durability but so far so good:)

Purchased at: theluvyourbaby.com


Overall: 4
Price: $7

Condition: New

Purchased in 2/2011. Used this item for 8 months. Date Posted: 10/5/2011

I think I would love this diaper had I not gotten the hook and loop closure. I got that because it was simplest for daycare. The velcro itself is good, but is not sewn on well enough and I've had to re-sew it because of fraying around the seams. Otherwise, awesome diaper. A little larger for a one size, and probably not a great fit til baby is closer to 15 Lbs would be my guess. Fits my 28-29 lb boy great. Next time I'd get snaps - my sister has a bunch of kawaiis with snaps and loves them. Overall, great product! The company did replace my first couple of shells that the velcro frayed on (while new enough to be on warranty)!

Purchased at: Kawaii Baby


Overall: 5
Price: $9

Condition: New

Purchased in 9/2011. Used this item for 1 months. Date Posted: 9/26/2011

Well after 27 months of cding with everything from prefolds and hybrids (Grobaby and Jam Tots) to primarily pockets - BG and FB OS. I have found love. Love at the low low price of $7-11 per dipe! They are all snaps:

Goodnights = good nights, dry sheets, happy girl who doesn't wake up at 3 in the morning with wet jammies. Love the front PUL strip for my tummy sleeper. The inside is SO Soft! Fits my 29 lb daughter perfect on the mid rise setting. We stuff with a trifold hemp insert and a BG infant MF insert on top. My daughter has dubbed these her ""animal diapers"" and now begs for them. Don't really like the Kawaii MF inserts (very long), but that's okay b/c I have 100K inserts at home anyway and we rotate between diff brands.
Minky pocket - love the softness of the fabric and the fit. We have used one regular MF insert (BG or FB) or a bamboo insert from our bamboo kawaiis. It was a bit more snug than the Goodnights, but I loved the minky and the flexibility of the fabric + the trimness of this dipe!
Bamboo Mom Label minky - runs a bit bigger than the others, but snaps to a nice fit on mid rise setting with the snaps on the second one in and pulled tight around her waist. Might have to wait until next baby is bigger. We got the white bengal tiger print. Love the softness and trimness of the bamboo. Love that it is lined in bamboo and has bamboo inserts. Have starting using the bamboo inserts in my other pockets, am now firmly addicted. Great absorb rate, holds a geyser, may switch to all bamboo for next babe.
Bamboo Blue label minky - perfect - feels so soft (KT calls this her soft diaper), fits like it was tailored to her on the midrise setting, futhest hip snap, tightened all the way on the waist. This this will work well for littler squishes. VERY TRIM. Almost hard to believe this holds as much as it does. Definitely feels nicer than any of our other dipes...soft, pliable, cozy. Like a baby kitten.

Purchased at: Sweetbottoms Baby Boutique


Overall: 5
Price: $10.95

Condition: New

Purchased in /. Used this item for 1 months. Date Posted: 9/19/2011

Love the heavy wetters great diapers they dont leave red marks on my chunky baby

Purchased at: Jack Be Natural


Overall: 1
Price: $10

Condition: New

Purchased in 4/2011. Used this item for 5 months. Date Posted: 9/3/2011

5 bamboo minkeys. They wick everytime I use them. They are so cute and soft. I wanted to love them I really did but they leak every single time. I would not recommend them at all

Purchased at: Luvyourbaby

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More reviews: Reviews from 1 year ago

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