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Sunbaby One Size Cloth Nappy

  Category:  Cloth Diapers : One Size Pockets

Rating:     3.35
Number of ratings:  20

Average Price:  $ 5.63

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Ratings Comments

Overall: 2
Price: $5.5

Condition: New

Purchased in 1/2013. Used this item for 12 months. Date Posted: 3/17/2014

I bought a dozen of the 4.0 version directly from Sunbaby Diapers. The design is good (hip snaps, tummy panel, etc.) and the prints are fun. But it seems the reason they are so inexpensive is because they are cheaply made, too. I wash all my diapers the same way and line dry, and I've never had any issues with any of my other pockets, even the ones I bought used. With Sunbaby, 6 of the 12 diapers have lost at least one snap in the last year. In each case, the snap that broke was a snap I used, making the diaper unusable. Sunbaby only offers a 90-day warranty, though they acknowledge that broken snaps are obviously a systemic problem. I recommend better quality diapers.

Purchased at: Sunbabydiapers.com


Overall: 2
Price: $7

Condition: New

Purchased in 5/2012. Used this item for 14 months. Date Posted: 8/4/2013

I loved these diapers initially but they soon showed me why they were so cheap.


1) LEAKS! I purchased about 10 diapers and half of them leak. I actually think it's the PUL fabric... certain prints leak (blue paint, red plaid, blue plaid, yellow dots) while others (black stars, black&white argyle) are fine.

2) Cheaply made. Maybe this goes without saying... they're made in China. We had snaps missing after a month of use.

1) Customer service has been good. I exchanged some diapers that ""de-laminated"" (lost the leak-proof layer) and they gave me a few bonus liners.

2) I also like their bamboo fleece liners, even though they've lost a layer of fabric in the wash. They are super absorbant.

3) The fit works well for us. I like the size 2. Our little guy was probably 12 lbs when I first started using them. I had the snaps up to the smallest size and the size 2 fit well. I would not purchase the size 1. The legs are nice and snug and I like the placement of the leg/waist snaps.

Purchased at: sunbabydiapers.ca


Overall: 4
Price: $

Condition: New

Purchased in 2/2013. Used this item for 3 months. Date Posted: 4/25/2013

I've been using the sunbaby diapers for 3 months now, and so far I really like them. They fit smaller, which is ok for my 18lb 10 month old. They were reasonably priced, are cute and do the job. My son is not a heavy wetter, so these work just fine.

However, in 3 months, I've had 3 diapers with snaps that have broken/pulled through. I have contacted the owner with no reply. I think there was a bad batch when I ordered them as MANY others who bought at the same time have the same complaint. If it wasn't for the snaps, I would have given them a 5. You get what you pay for I guess.

Purchased at: sunbabydiapers.com


Overall: 3
Price: $8

Condition: New

Purchased in 6/2012. Used this item for 3 months. Date Posted: 1/11/2013

I want to like these diapers. I purchased a dozen as a low risk way to see if I liked cloth diapering. I do. Unfortunately in the future it will not be with Sunbaby diapers. Overall, they are not as high quality as the American diapers I have purchased (Best Bottom & Flips). The PUL is thinner. A couple have developed a tiny hole near a snap. 2-3 have a snap pulled out as expected since the snaps feel cheap.

The main issue is with inserts & CUSTOMER SERVICE. I purchased two bamboo for each & since this was an available option, I assumed it would work. The bamboos are SO thin my 1-2 month old could wet through two inserts in 2-3 hours and have a leak. I handled some other diapers and realized how much thicker other inserts are, so I contacted SB to see if they would rectify the issue of useless inserts with some MF inserts. After going back & forth with them & promising I hadn't wrecked them (CD safe detergent, wash appropriately) they informed me that if I wanted to buy MORE diapers they would send me MF inserts. What?? I had the diapers I needed, they were just unusable. I bought FuzziBunz inserts.

These diapers are for you if A) you don't mind replacing a few snaps here & there & B) don't mind some occasional diaper casualties/short life/poor quality. Other than the bamboo, an acceptable, shorter-term, cheap route into cloth

Purchased at: Sunbaby

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More reviews: Reviews from 1 year ago

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