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  Category:  Cloth Diapers : One Size Pockets

Rating:     4.5
Number of ratings:  4

Average Price:  $ 6.67

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Ratings Comments

Overall: 5
Price: $10

Condition: Used

Purchased in 7/2010. Used this item for 30 months. Date Posted: 6/9/2012

I love this diaper! I've used the same 7 smartipants on my last 3 babies and it still looks great! I have a super harsh wash routine with bleach, sanitary cycle, dryer use and Tide and these diapers still look brand new! They do not leak, but I do have to stuff them with one smartipants insert and one newborn MF insert from cottonbabies for my 19mo super soaker son. :) I use them at night with an added hemp doubler as well. Great little diapers, great price!


Overall: 3
Price: $10

Condition: Used

Purchased in 3/2012. Used this item for 2 months. Date Posted: 5/23/2012

The quality is great - snaps are sturdy, material is durable, and elastic is stretchy. I love the tunnel design for the pocket, allowing the insert to come out in the washer (mine always agitate out.) The downside? They do not fit my 3.5 month old baby. She is 13lbs and still the leg openings are too big. I keep waiting for the day when she can wear them because I do like the design

Purchased at: Jillian's Drawers - gently used


Overall: 5
Price: $


Purchased in /. Used this item for months. Date Posted: 10/7/2011

Our favourites diapers, and we use these almost exclusively now. They are so trim, look nice, work well, and I LOVE that the insert washes out. For people who are new to cloth, these are what I recommend because they are so easy.
They are clearly great quality and wash up a dream. Ours still look practically brand new.
Dry really quick too. Love them

Purchased at: smartipants


Overall: 5
Price: $0

Condition: New

Purchased in 6/2009. Used this item for 28 months. Date Posted: 9/7/2011

Once again I have to pull rank and say that out of 100+ cloth diapers I have tried- the Smartipants is up there really high on my list.

The sizing has worked with my tall/skinny kid and still fits him at almost 3 years old (we sometimes use it for nights but he is PT) and my chunky monkey.

The insert seems wimpy but we have never had an absorbency issue. I don't double stuff it but probably wouldn't if I needed to. I would use a different diaper.

The Snaps are tough... unique to this brand and they are durable.

I love that they now offer more colors. I have used the same Smartipants, the only one I own, for almost 3 years and on both kids. It almost looks new.
I really hate that retailers can't carry them anymore. Really really hate that.

The price is extremely good for a one size diaper. Best of all perhaps is that the insert really does agitate out. I wish Smartipants knew how much I loved this diaper and how many they have probably sold from me! LOL

I have a very old video demonstration from 2009 which shows it being sized and how it looks on a then 5 month old (I think)

Great diaper!

Purchased at: Smartipants

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