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Rocky Mountain Diapers

  Category:  Cloth Diapers : One Size Pockets

Rating:     3.96
Number of ratings:  25

Average Price:  $ 16.56

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Ratings Comments

Overall: 4
Price: $18

Condition: New

Purchased in 6/2011. Used this item for 7 months. Date Posted: 2/29/2012

The material on the inside of this diaper was very pleasantly surprising. Softer than I expected and NEVER EVER ONCE stained. That is saying a lot! These are trimmer than I thought they would be for a pocket diaper. I don't use them anymore because I do not prefer using pocket diapers, but they were nice when I used them. I liked the contrasting inside/outside colors but wished they had more prints. I could always find these when I wanted to buy them. The inner adjustable legs were unique, but I did not like that they were harder to adjust than having outside snaps. I'd have to try to adjust it, see if it fit, re-adjust accordingly and so on. I also wished these had a leg gusset since I did experience some urine leaks and I am sure some explosive diapers have the possibility of making a mess. Just the tightening of the legs wasn't sufficient for us. It is a good diaper though, decent price, if you are looking to resell them in the future than you will love that they don't stain easily/at all

Purchased at: Colorado Springs Cloth Diaper Market

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