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Cloth-eez® Prefold Diaper

  Category:  Cloth Diapers : Prefolds

Rating:     4.91
Number of ratings:  35

Average Price:  $ 25.42

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Ratings Comments

Overall: 5
Price: $37

Condition: New

Purchased in 11/2014. Used this item for 1 months. Date Posted: 12/29/2014

These diapers are super soft, super absorbent, and have excellent fit. I cannot get myself to buy any other brand. I even use them for nights. I just use two. A medium and a small. Never had a leak. Works better than those diapers made for nights.

Purchased at: Green Mountain Diapers


Overall: 5
Price: $

Condition: New

Purchased in 11/2013. Used this item for 13 months. Date Posted: 12/29/2014

Purchased the NB PF's and they are great as doublers for over night. Absorbent, but not too big. Great for a little extra ""boost""

I also used them all the time when my youngest was a NB and I was very happy with them. I found them to be very easy and when folded correctly rarely even escaped onto the cover.

Purchased at: Green Mountain Diapers


Overall: 4
Price: $25

Condition: New

Purchased in 3/2014. Used this item for 1 months. Date Posted: 3/12/2014

I am a huge fan of prefolds, I used them since birth on my daughter and they're really easy to whip off when you need to potty train. We started with yellow edge and have been pad folding them inside a flat until recently when I realized my 19 month old needed an upgrade in diapering. So, I went to the website and picked out the brown edge prefolds because the age range is 9-36 months. They do not offer a weight range. Unfortunately after prepping the brown edge diaper, the width is right at the edges and the snappi can barely reach to close properly. I have pins, but that is much more difficult to whip off in the emergency potty train situation (which is why I bought these to begin with). I wrote to GMD and they told me that the XL toddler size isn't much wider, and that all babies are different sizes, therefore I should try pinning or sewing baby socks onto the backs of the prefold to extend the size. I'm a bit disappointed. I didn't expect that I'd have a 19 month old outgrow prefolds so early!! My options are limited and I am reluctant to attempt sewing onto a prefold that I just bought new.

Overall, I think that prefolds are great for newborns, not so great for travel or baby sitters. Spraying off a prefold can be a bit messy with the softer soiled diapers that you can't shake off, because you have to get into the crevices and unfold and manipulate the diaper. That being said, I've never had a stain to date! So that's the good news!

These dry fast, and are sturdy. I plan to reuse these with my newborn due in a few weeks because they are still all in excellent condition after my first child. An excellent economical choice for those of you concerned about getting more bang from your buck.

Also I have well water and a front loader, which is the kiss of death for stink issues. I do have stink issues with my other diapers but these strip easily and don't retain stink.

Purchased at: Green Mountain Diapers


Overall: 5
Price: $

Condition: Used

Purchased in /. Used this item for 36 months. Date Posted: 1/16/2014

Probably my favorite prefolds ever. I have both organic and regular, bleached and unbleached. They fit amazing. Easily lasted through many kids. Mine were bought used and on their 2nd baby in my house.

Purchased at: FSOT

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More reviews: Reviews from 1 year ago

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