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SoftBums Echo System

Made by: Softbums
  Category:  Cloth Diapers : All in Twos

Rating:     4.44
Number of ratings:  62

Average Price:  $ 30.05

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Ratings Comments

Overall: 5
Price: $14

Condition: New

Purchased in 8/2012. Used this item for 1 months. Date Posted: 8/11/2012

Since I got my Softbums, they are all I want to use. I had become very apathetic about cloth diapering, but have fallen head over heels in love with it now. This is by far the BEST cloth diaper I have ever had my hands on. It is surprisingly trim, works fantastically, and I can tell my little one is more comfortable in Softbums than in anything else I've put on him. They shells alone work great as a reusable swim diaper too. I have their other system too and slightly prefer that because it has a pocket too, but other than that this diaper cannot be beat. The sizing system shames any other diaper on the market. No red marks, no leaks. I hate all my other diapers now!

Purchased at: Softbums


Overall: 3
Price: $25

Condition: New

Purchased in 5/2012. Used this item for 2 months. Date Posted: 7/6/2012

I bought one of these used and liked it, so I bought another one brand new. I liked them at first because of the thick inserts for nighttime and the slide2size legs. Very trim, especially between the legs. But these great things are also drawbacks and I've come to not like them as much. The super nighttime pods are very large--long and wide and they are tough to keep tucked into the diaper and we get leaks at night. I have to add a hemp insert, and even that doesn't always work. They are bulky and hard to get a tight fit on my 27lb 14 month old. The dry touch daytime pods are also pretty wide and you have to tuck them in to make sure they aren't hanging out the crotch area. Also, the inner fleece lining is ""rolling"" outward on the shell at the waist and tabs, causing wicking. The older used one is holding up better, so maybe the newest ones aren't the best quality. Lastly, the fleece always ends up wet once DS pees, so it's nearly impossible to use as an AI2. Overall, they are absorbent, but you have to be very careful to avoid leaks and the quality of the shells isn't great

Purchased at: Happy Baby Company


Overall: 5
Price: $21.95

Condition: New

Purchased in 1/10. Used this item for 16 months. Date Posted: 6/12/2012

Owner at Kushie Tushies. This was our first cloth diaper. Excellent fit, very trim, love the bamboo pods. One mistake we made was not adjusting the diaper to fit snug enough, once we did we rarely had leaks. All out great diaper! :)

Purchased at: Kushie Tushies


Overall: 5
Price: $22

Condition: New

Purchased in 1/2012. Used this item for 3 months. Date Posted: 6/12/2012

I spent weeks researching the cloth diaper route I wanted to take for my children and when I found Softbums I knew I had found the best of the best! They are so wonderful! Fit any baby/toddler anytime and are so easy to adjust! Plus I know I can call Softbums anytime I have a question for anything and they will take the time to help me through anything! And they are so cute!

Purchased at: Softbums


Overall: 4
Price: $

Condition: New

Purchased in /. Used this item for 13 months. Date Posted: 5/27/2012

I have been using softbums for 13 months on my son. I wasn't able to use the fleece lined microfiber inserts because they wicked almost every time. We got the bamboo inserts and I LOVE those! They also sun very well. My main issues with these is that the velcro seems to be poor quality. It has become super fuzzy and the stitches are coming out on quite a few. I want to replace it myself with either snaps or better velcro. The other issue I have is that once DS started walking and moving around a lot he would get horrible red marks on his legs. I couldn't figure out what it was from until I stopped using the cover more than once. The red marks were gone after that. When he wasn't mobile it was fine. Also, some of the bamboo inserts are wider than others, so some don't fit into the echo shell. All in all though, these diapers are leak proof (as long as not using as a pocket.) I have had only a few leaks with the omni pockets. These are my boyfriends 'go-to' diapers for ease of use (no snapping down, no snaps to secure it to baby, and no stuffing.)!


Overall: 5
Price: $

Condition: New

Purchased in 2/2012. Used this item for 2 months. Date Posted: 4/6/2012

I have been using softbums since January or February and have loved them from the start!!! It is an amazing diapering system, and its so easy to use!! I use both the echo and omni and go back and forth on which is my favorite between the two. I use the dry touch pods only and love them. The fit is always great and nice and trim. I have been using them on my daughter who is now 18 months but am due to have a little boy in a few weeks and hope that they work as well for him as they have with with her. I've never had any leaking or repelling, stripping, or stinkies. I just can't stop raving about the product because I am so pleased with it. Starting cloth is a big investment and its scary but I know I made the right decision with softbums

Purchased at: Baby Cotton Bottoms


Overall: 4
Price: $30

Condition: New

Purchased in 2/2012. Used this item for 1 months. Date Posted: 3/26/2012

The build of this diaper is great! I love that there are no rise snaps, and completely adjustable. These are one of the trimmest diapers I have tried. If you use it like a true AI2 they really aren't that pricey.

I really wanted them to work, but the middle always sagged on my DD. I got a nice fit, and once she started crawling the middle would sag, bunch, and then leak. I tried using the closure to keep it in place with no help. I tried them with the bamboo pods and prefolds trifolded (which sagged worse). I will be keeping the cover for a future baby as I have seen them on newborns and they get so tiny! They just didn't work for my super mover. (10 months, 20 lbs)

Purchased at: Kissed by the Moon

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More reviews: Reviews from 0 to 1 years ~ Reviews from 3 years ago

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