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Chelory AIO

  Category:  Cloth Diapers : All in Ones

Rating:     4.33
Number of ratings:  21

Average Price:  $ 28.61

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Ratings Comments

Overall: 3
Price: $36

Condition: New

Purchased in 10/2013. Used this item for 5 months. Date Posted: 9/22/2014

Well made. Sturdy and good quality. Very overpriced though. Dry time is pretty crazy. You have to flip the insert out and dry on low, then flip it again and set on low, then air dry. Must have several spare diapers. I wanted to love this diaper but found them to be severely bulky and without great absorbancy for my heavy wetter. It didnt make sense how LO could soak through these but the dry time was so crazy. Was told by so many how great these are but they just didn't work for us. Pity. I will be sticking with BumGenius Freetimes. Affordable, less bulky, and do the trick.

Purchased at: Chelory.com


Overall: 5
Price: $35

Condition: New

Purchased in 7/2011. Used this item for 15 months. Date Posted: 8/17/2013

I used to dislike these diapers when my little one was small but now that he's big and almost grown out of them, I appreciate these diapers and the quality. They are thicker and bigger than most commercial aios like swaddlebees or bumgenius, but they hold so much more. Available in multiple prints, snaps or aplix, stay dry or natural...the choices are great!


Overall: 5
Price: $32.95

Condition: New

Purchased in /. Used this item for 13 months. Date Posted: 1/26/2013

My all time favorite AIO!!!
SUPER absorbency - they just don't leak... and I have a heavy wetter. I do have to add extra absorbency at night though. Also makes them a bit slow to dry... BUT these diapers are so well made they can go in the dryer NO PROBLEM.
The back elastic holds in blowouts, but I do notice occasional red marks on my baby from the back elastic. However, I get red marks from my socks. It's not an issue for us.
Variety of prints and I like that they come in snaps or velcro, stay dry or organic.
Great fit and trim for a one-size diaper. obviously aren't going to be as trim as a sized diaper.
So EASY to use!
The best customer service I have experienced. Chelory is very eager to please ALL her customers.
and how can you beat the price with ALWAYS FREE SHIPPING!
I cannot say enough good things about these diapers!

Purchased at: Chelory


Overall: 5
Price: $30

Condition: New

Purchased in 10/2012. Used this item for 3 months. Date Posted: 1/25/2013

most absorbent diaper we ever tried! good for night time or lone car ride. i'm happy i don't have lots of diapers for each different reason. chelory is the day time diaper, nap diaper, and over night diaper. i love the velcro. it is easy to use for grandma and daddy and never gets stuck on anything else in the wash. highly recommend to all my friends and family!

Purchased at: www.chelory.com


Overall: 5
Price: $32

Condition: New

Purchased in 12/2012. Used this item for 1 months. Date Posted: 1/25/2013

My daughter is a very heavy wetter and we have tried a ton of different brands and was not satisfied with having to change her diaper every hour or two with all the other diapers I tried till I found CHELORY!! I am so in love with these diapers. They are crazy absorbent I have left them on her four hours to test it never a leak and I could leave it on longer for sure! They do take awile to dry like others have mentioned but I will take that over having leaky diaper anyday. I line dry for awile then toss in the dryer which cuts down on the dry time, do not let dry time be the reason you dont purchase one of these amazing diapers.
The customer service is also outstanding!! The owner is a sweet WAHM. And the prints of the diapers are so adorable and fun!! I am selling off all my other diapers to have a complete Chelory stash!!

Purchased at: chelory.com


Overall: 5
Price: $32.95

Condition: New

Purchased in 10/2012. Used this item for 2 months. Date Posted: 1/24/2013

(1) Super absorbent - easily last through the night on my LO.
(2) I don't have to baby these diapers like I do my other ""designer"" AIOs...I can confidently put in the dryerso they aren't hanging all over my house or yard to dry!
(3) Fabulous print selection.
(4) Over the top customer service from a very involved WAHM who is talented, approachable, helpful and kind. I have the impression she genuinely appreciates each of her customers and goes out of her way to show this appreciation.
(5) Free Shipping - ANYWHERE!! Even internationally - Amazing!!

Purchased at: Chelory.com

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More reviews: Reviews from 1 year ago

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