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Ragababe 'Easy' All-In-One

Made by: Ragababe Cloth Diapers
  Category:  Cloth Diapers : All in Ones

Rating:     4.53
Number of ratings:  60

Average Price:  $ 26.77

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Ratings Comments

Overall: 3
Price: $30

Condition: New

Purchased in 7/2012. Used this item for 3 months. Date Posted: 4/4/2014

I did my research before buying my diapers for my newborn in 2012. I read reviews here on the DiaperPin and I stalked all Ragababe sales. back before the baby was born, this wasn't an issue, I was at work and always online so I could easily jump in on those announcements and sales and obtain a few diapers. Over the course of 5 months I was able to score about 3 AIO and 2 AI2s from Ragababe. The prints I got weren't the cutest, but I didn't care, I just wanted diapers!

I ended up giving birth to a large baby that grew very fast. These diapers didn't last very long for me, so given the price, it was a bit disappointing that I couldn't use them for as long as I had hoped. These diapers are way over priced for that reason. There are sites out there that teach you how to 'hack' the diaper and put snaps on the rise of a L so that you can make it last longer, but honestly who wants to pay $30 for a diaper that you have to then modify? Now that I'm expecting my second, I'm eager to use the diapers I spent so much money on again, but there's no way I'm buying more of these. I prefer my bum genius investment over the Ragababe. I know the whole WAHM business model needs to be supported, but at the end of the day my wallet can't afford this luxury.

Purchased at: Ragababe Cloth Diapers


Overall: 5
Price: $30

Condition: New

Purchased in 3/2013. Used this item for 5 months. Date Posted: 8/24/2013

I have tried most diapers out there, and these are, without a doubt, the best. We've cloth diapered for 18+ months, and this is the first time I've been happy enough with one brand that I've sold off everything else! My entire stash, including wet and laundry bags, is Ragababe. They're a little harder to come by than other brands, but that keeps resale value very high - also a huge plus. They're very trim, easy, and we've actually never had even one leak! The owner, Joy, is am amazing person, a s I just can't say enough good about these!

Purchased at: Ragababe Cloth Diapers


Overall: 4
Price: $35

Condition: Used

Purchased in 12/2012. Used this item for 6 months. Date Posted: 8/17/2013

I like these all in ones, they fit well and dry fast. It is unfortunate that you can't get them with ease like other companies. The inner is Zorb fabric and holds a lot of pee and dries quickly.


Overall: 5
Price: $27.95

Condition: New

Purchased in 4/2012. Used this item for 8 months. Date Posted: 12/10/2012

This is our diaper bag favorite. Easy on and off, even he pediatrician isn't afraid of it. The cut is trim and the legs fit our skinny son well without gaps. We don't use it for overnight, but for daytime it is great. It has gotten a lot of wear from us using it so much that the outside fabric under the hook and loop strip is getting pilly. Sometimes it can wick there if the diaper is totally saturated, but like I said, it has gotten a lot of use. The diaper cleans up great and dries very quickly. I just wish they were easier to get. :)

Purchased at: Ragababe Cloth Diapers


Overall: 4
Price: $37

Condition: New

Purchased in 8/2012. Used this item for 1 months. Date Posted: 9/12/2012

I purchased 2 NIP AIOs and 1 used from another mama. These are very well made, hi quality diapers. Thick elastic, good fit, no red marks, absorbent. They have an opening at front to allow for additional stuffing. The PUL and stitching are high quality. The suedecloth does pill up after the first washing but I don't see why it's an issue because it stays soft and doesn't affect performance at all. They work well for me during the day and naps, but I have a hard time keeping my son dry all night in them, even with additional inserts, probably bc he's a side sleeper. The laundry tabs DO NOT stay closed and cause premature wear on the diapers in the wash. These diapers are hard to come by and I had to pay over retail to get my hands on some. I hope they are able to increase production and make them more widely available because it's a good product, and maybe the price will come down a little

Purchased at: RagaMarket


Overall: 3
Price: $25

Condition: New

Purchased in 2/2011. Used this item for 12 months. Date Posted: 9/4/2012

Very disappointed that I spend so much money on a diaper, only to have it fall apart. The soaker is ripping completely off the diaper. Poor design. Not what I expect when paying $25 for a VHTF diaper. Other diapers I've purchased used and owned for a MUCH longer period of time, and NONE have had a problem like this

Purchased at: Ragababe


Overall: 5
Price: $27.95

Condition: New

Purchased in 3/2012. Used this item for 5 months. Date Posted: 8/19/2012

My favourite diapers right now. A true all in one! Just pull it off the line or out of the dryer and it is ready to go. We haven't had any leaks with this diaper and I love how easy it is to get them on my squirming baby. The fit is fantastic and the prints and colours are super fun. We used to be Sbish Snapless Multi fulltime users, but now we like our AIOs because DS won't sit still enough to get a snappi or pin on.

The service I've received from Ragababe is awesome. They seem to really be increasing production and I've been able to buy from the last few stockings for popular sizes quite easily (only took a few minutes). It is a downer that you can't easily build a whole stash of these, but I'm happy to have the few I have in my stash for now.

Purchased at: Ragababe.com


Overall: 3
Price: $27.95

Condition: New

Purchased in 6/2011. Used this item for 12 months. Date Posted: 8/14/2012


Leak resistant
Great quality
Cute prints
Sturdy elastic


Not onesize
Left red marks around the legs
Only available in velcro
Velcro does pile after 6 months or more
Hard to get

Purchased at: Ragababe

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