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Coolababy One Size Cloth Diaper

  Category:  Cloth Diapers : Pocket Cloth Diapers

Rating:     3.78
Number of ratings:  9

Average Price:  $ 6

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Ratings Comments

Overall: 5
Price: $5

Condition: New

Purchased in /2008. Used this item for 36 months. Date Posted: 2/16/2012

I have all sorts of diapers, pre folds, all in ones, pockets, fitted, etc. I teach a class letting people explore the different cloth diaper options. Pockets have always suited our family the best and the Coolababy has been awesome!!! I have purchased these diapers almost 4 years ago and they have gone through three kids and are still in perfect working order. They do not have leaks, they fit my children really well, the snaps are still just as strong as they were the first time I used them, and I love the bright colors!! The only reason I am buying more, is because they have cute patterns now that I want to get in on, lol. I highly highly recommend the Coolababy cloth diapers

Purchased at: ebay

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More reviews: Reviews from 1 year ago

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