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sustainablebabyish Flat Cloth Diaper

  Category:  Cloth Diapers : Flats

Rating:     4.86
Number of ratings:  7

Average Price:  $ 10.08

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Ratings Comments

Overall: 5
Price: $10

Condition: Used

Purchased in 10/11. Used this item for 7 months. Date Posted: 5/2/2012

Best flats ever. These flats are so soft and stretchy I turned all my other flats/prefolds into rags! They are so easy to use with a snappi or a pin, I adore them. If you have an extra OBF doubler lying around add that to the middle of an angel wing fold and you are good to go! XS and Small Sbish flats also work great as the inserts for an AI2

Purchased at: Ebay-used


Overall: 4
Price: $10

Condition: New

Purchased in 12/2011. Used this item for 3 months. Date Posted: 2/29/2012

These are incredibly absorbent. They are expensive, but this is one diaper that I will spend the extra money on. I can buy less of these but use them more since I can wash and dry them so much quicker than other diapers. Drying on low with some wool dryer balls makes drying fast! These can get ""crunchy"" fast, that can be fixed with Ecover and drying on low instead or high. The fitteds made out of the same material aren't worth the price considering how crunchy and stiff they can get, but I can justify these since they are cheaper. I like to tri-fold these in a PUL cover. Sew Crafty Baby always seems to have a great color selection and is very fair about stocking these in a way that there seems to be more to go around. Squishy soft!

Purchased at: Sew Crafty Baby

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