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bumGenius™ One-Size Pocket Diaper

Made by: Cotton Babies
  Category:  Cloth Diapers : One Size Pockets

Rating:     4.15
Number of ratings:  72

Average Price:  $ 16.08

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Ratings Comments

Overall: 4
Price: $22

Condition: New

Purchased in 1/2013. Used this item for 11 months. Date Posted: 12/11/2014

I love the fit of BG 4.0 The quality is also great. They haven't required any fixing after almost a year of use and they don't look like they will require any fixing any time soon. Elastics are still perfect. I like the insert that snaps down so you can double up in the front for a boy. I wish I didn't have to pull the dirty insert out of the diaper before washing though. Also, I feel the price on them is a bit high. Those are the only negatives with the BG 4.0

Purchased at: Second hand, nurtured.ca and lil monkey cheeks


Overall: 3
Price: $

Condition: New

Purchased in /. Used this item for 12 months. Date Posted: 12/10/2014

I absolutely love the fit of the 4.0's. I love the color options and the handful of print options. I just wish they didn't do special limited print releases. The resale value on them is not worth it to me. The elastics wear out easily. I also wish there was another option for the inserts, other than MF when purchasing new.


Overall: 4
Price: $0

Condition: New

Purchased in 1/2014. Used this item for 12 months. Date Posted: 12/9/2014

I received one of these new with an order from Nicki's Diapers. We normally don't use all-in-ones, just Motherease cotton fitteds with wool longies, but I like to have a couple one-size AIOs in the diaper bag for when we're out running errands. The diaper bag has recently contained two GroVia AIO's (which are really narrow and have just gotten too tight for our 22lb 16-month-old!), an ecobum bamboo pocket AIO that is super soft but is falling apart and also leaks, and this BG 4.0 AIO pocket dipe. This one is by far my favorite. It's bulky (but squishy!) but it still fits well, it doesn't leak, and it washes well and dries fast on the line. I wouldn't use it exclusively (the polyester sticks to my baby's skin) but just ordered 3 new ones to replace the other three diapers in the bag.

So, PROS: * Easy, not leaky, seems to fit the range of sizes it's rated for
CONS: * Not natural fibers, so may stick and cause rashes
Take-away: A good, light, easy diaper for when you're out

Purchased at: Nicki's Diapers


Overall: 5
Price: $

Condition: Used

Purchased in /2013. Used this item for 9 months. Date Posted: 12/11/2013

I love this diaper! I have used the velcro and the snaps but I prefer the snaps! They fit my 8lb baby on the smallest setting and my 25lb toddler so this really is a great OS diapering option. The inserts they come with hold quite a bit of urine but I do recommend using the newborn insert as a doubler for older babies as night. Great quality! Great diaper! This is a very good option for babies who struggle with sensitivity to wet cloth. My son did and when we switched him to all Bumgenius diapers the rashes stopped. They really do wick away moisture.


Overall: 4
Price: $10

Condition: Used

Purchased in 9/2013. Used this item for 1 months. Date Posted: 10/3/2013

I am really enjoying the bumGenius 4.0 diapers. The fit very well and haven't bothered my daughter at all. I have majority snaps, but a couple velcro as well. Don't really have a preference on that. I like that they have refresher kits, so that the diaper can last longer. The reason I gave this item a 4 is because the inserts included are not as absorbent as I would like. I am using both inserts for my 2 month old (I will say she is a heavy wetter). I may look into different insert options to keep the diaper from having to be so bulky.

Purchased at: eBay gently used


Overall: 5
Price: $

Condition: Used

Purchased in 6/2012. Used this item for 14 months. Date Posted: 8/4/2013

These are my favorite diapers! I was pretty leery about purchasing used but they are still great. They apparently came from a family who used them for 2+ kids and they are still leak proof and all snaps are in great condition. I've replaced elastics, which is only realistic with the amount of wear they've had... and they were easy to replace.

I highly recommend the snaps over velcro as our little guy will take the velcro ones off during naps. :) ... plus our velcro is getting worn out.

These diapers are WORTH THE MONEY! They are the only brand I will re-purchase.

Purchased at: Garage Sales

Alice chopra

Price: $


Purchased in 8/2013. Used this item for 10 months. Date Posted: 7/22/2013

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Overall: 5
Price: $17.95

Condition: New

Purchased in 4/2013. Used this item for 1 months. Date Posted: 4/11/2013

We use flip covers with cotton prefold inserts in the day and I was tired of multiple changes at night and worrying about the dampness causing rashes. I have tried this now a few times and LOVE them for overnight use. They would be bulky for daytime use I think.

Purchased at: Simple Cloth


Overall: 5
Price: $18.5

Condition: New

Purchased in 3/2013. Used this item for 1 months. Date Posted: 3/7/2013

This was my first experience with pocket diapers and I loved it! Great absorbency, fits amazingly, GREAT customer service from Caterpillar Baby. I will definitely be purchasing more. Thanks!

Purchased at: Caterpillar Baby

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