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Thirsties® Hemp Prefold

Made by: Thirsties
  Category:  Cloth Diapers : Prefolds

Rating:     4.55
Number of ratings:  11

Average Price:  $ 8.08

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Ratings Comments

Overall: 4
Price: $6

Condition: New

Purchased in 1/2014. Used this item for 8 months. Date Posted: 9/7/2014

These are very absorbent prefolds. Great for night. My baby is 17 lbs., and she fits well in the size 1. I also use the size 2, but it's a bit bulky.

My only issue is that it stains bad. Sunning doesn't work too well here. None of my other diapers are like this. There is something in the color/ texture that causes this. Some have also developed some tiny holes at the edges, but it doesn't bother anyone.

I really like their inserts, but they also stain.

Purchased at: Diaper Swappers


Overall: 5
Price: $7

Condition: New

Purchased in /. Used this item for 13 months. Date Posted: 5/27/2012

My son weighs 26lbs and the size 1's work great for him as inserts in our blueberry, happy heiny, and kawaii covers. They were also wonderful as prefolds when they fit him. These are my 'go to' for stuffing diapers during the day. They make for trim diapers and never leak. It's really amazing how much they can hold!


Overall: 5
Price: $

Condition: Used

Purchased in /2012. Used this item for 4 months. Date Posted: 5/3/2012

bI bought these from a friend who no longer needed them. I wasn't really into prefolds anymore at the time, but I'm so glad she introduced me to these! After trying them, I have bought several new as well.

These have become my everyday diaper for my 18 month old. I trifold them in Flip, Blueberry and Bumkins covers. At naptime, or if she will be in the diaper for 4 hours or more, I add a hemp insert (Joeybunz) in the center when I fold it. She has never leaked in these, even for long periods without the insert, but I want to play it safe and be more comfortable for my baby. We have used them for 4 hour shopping trips with no compression leaks; it wasn't even saturated!

I haven't had any laundering issues, other than that they stain a bit more easily than some organic, unbleached products, but...it's a diaper!

I spent so much time, energy and money looking for the perfect fitteds, AIOs, etc. What I found is that this is the easiest and best system, and cheapest compared to non-prefold options.

Purchased at: a friend

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More reviews: Reviews from 1 year ago

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